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Living in the modern world is a lot more complicated than we give it credit for. Offices these days range from coffee shops to co-working spaces to studio think tanks. Ease of travel and globalization allows the modern worker flexibility and a constantly changing environment.


MDRN Boxers 

In this modern world we have endless options. And being a modern man, we need to be ready for anything it throws our way. That's why we've based our entire business model on a new, modern ways of doing things.

We call it, The MDRN Approach. 

MDRN Boxers Story

Co-founder, Stephen Haugse, has been on-the-go for nearly the past decade. Owning and operating retail stores in Honolulu, HI and commuting monthly to California to manage an online marketing firm, while fitting in surfing on the side, he noticed that his wardrobe – specifically his underwear - could not keep up with the on-the-go lifestyle.

He tried dozens of brands, but couldn’t find anything that offered high-quality performance and insane comfort at a reasonable price. Fortunately for him the answer was closer than he could ever imagine!

Stephen began to design the concept of what the perfect pair of men’s boxer briefs should be. The shorts had to be top quality but also priced reasonably. They had to look great in the bedroom and the locker room and perform better than any pair Stephen had tried to date.

That meant no riding up, they had to be breathable, they had to dry quick and stay cool on the warmest Hawaiian afternoon, and they had to be insanely comfortable. Using his connections to the best US fabric suppliers & manufacturing, the first MDRN boxer briefs were created.

All MDRN boxer’s are made in California and shipped around the world. Made to never ride up the shorts are sewn in a proprietary method to ensure comfort with every movement. The fabrics are non-pilling, breathable, quick drying, and super stretchy to ensure comfort in any environment.